Taxi Cab Oppressions

About eight years ago, one of my buddies from high school was working for State Farm Insurance and dating a girl who worked with him at the Bloomington, Ill.-based corporation. While out with the two of them in Chicago one night, I recall my friend’s girl telling me how a recent work-related travel screw-up had […]

Cubs’ relief auction sandbagging it

At the team’s official Web site, the Chicago Cubs are urging fans to: “Bid now on a Felix Pie autographed baseball, and you can help towns in Iowa, where the Cubs’ Triple-A club resides, recently ravaged by the floods.” Eight All-Stars on the Big League club, and the best John Hancock the Cubs can come up with for charity is Felix’s, huh. What, […]

Dog Day Morning

Like catchers, M. Night Shyamalan and lame pick-up artists, I like signs. Funny ones, at least. And it seems like there are no shortage of those in Chicago. This morning, while walking through Wrigleyville, I spotted another one — several, actually — plastered on the front doors of apartment buildings. In one line of hand-written […]

Devin Hester’s playbook is ridiculous

On Wednesday — when he should have been at training camp — the Chicago Bears’ kick-returner-extraordinaire-slash-wide-receiver-in-training Devin Hester was instead on the horn with the Chicago Tribune, telling reporter Vaughn McClure, “I can’t go out and play this year making $445,000. “Come on, man.” After all, that would be … ahem, ridiculous. Now, while I think most people can eke out a […]