The end of the World Wide Wait

It took almost two hours and a dozen trips up and down (and up and down) the stairs from my apartment to my building’s alley, storage room and, finally, laundry room — where the cable guy was forced to pop his head through a dusty ceiling panel — but the faulty wire connection that left me with no home Internet or cable for nearly two weeks has been fixed. Turns […]

Taxi Cab Oppressions

About eight years ago, one of my buddies from high school was working for State Farm Insurance and dating a girl who worked with him at the Bloomington, Ill.-based corporation. While out with the two of them in Chicago one night, I recall my friend’s girl telling me how a recent work-related travel screw-up had […]

Cubs’ relief auction sandbagging it

At the team’s official Web site, the Chicago Cubs are urging fans to: “Bid now on a Felix Pie autographed baseball, and you can help towns in Iowa, where the Cubs’ Triple-A club resides, recently ravaged by the floods.” Eight All-Stars on the Big League club, and the best John Hancock the Cubs can come up with for charity is Felix’s, huh. What, […]