Kickin’ it with the Bucket Baby

Living near Wrigley Field and attending Chicago Cubs games like it’s my job, I know all too well about the Bucket Boys.

As do my eardrums.

But last Thursday, while while walking past Murphy’s Bleachers prior to the Cubs-Phillies tilt, I stumbled across a brand new drop in the bucket:

Behold the Bucket Baby. (See photo below.)

Perched on a crate next to his, um, mentor (?), the Bucket Baby’s rhythmic skills could still use some work. But, hey, the little fella already knows how to spin, flip and catch a drumstick.

As well as draw a crowd.

So much so that just a few feet down Sheffield Avenue, a rival Bucket Boy duo was sitting idle Thursday as they glumly pondered the new kid on the block.

With the Bucket Baby working it, the two of them couldn’t get any attention.

Or tips.

Even though one of the guys was in a wheelchair.

And had no legs.

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