What If YOU Were Traded?

My third installment for ChicagoSide

By Dave Wischnowsky


When Ryan Dempster vetoed a proposed trade to the Braves last week, some Cubs fans complained: What’s wrong with the guy? Why is he getting in the way of the team’s rebuilding plan?

My brother, a Cubs fan himself, didn’t look at it quite the same way, though. He had some empathy for Dempster.

“It really is weird that players are able to just be traded to some random city they have no desire to live,” said my brother, who lives in Chicago and works as a consultant. “I mean, it doesn’t really happen in any other profession, right? KPMG can’t trade me to Deloitte …”

But what if KPMG could?

What would it be like to go through what Dempster, Alfonso Soriano, and others are going through this week, sweating today’s trade deadline? How would you prepare? What would you need to know? And how could a trade affect you, both professionally and personally?

Athletes are people, after all. Well-compensated people who work on a public stage, to be sure. But people, nonetheless. So, to get a sense of what they go through when they’re traded, I reached out to Darren S. Weiner, managing member of Antigen Realty LLC, a Miami Beach-based agency that bills itself as the leading provider of premium real estate services for the sports and entertainment industry.

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