So, I have a new job (yes, again)

If Howard Stern is the self-proclaimed “King of All Media,” well, then I must at least be a Duke. Maybe an Earl.

Okay, how about Court Jester?

Reason being is that exactly one year after leaving the newspaper biz to try my hand at public relations, I’m embarking this week on yet another media adventure.

I’m joining the cast of Mad Men.

Okay, not really.

But on Tuesday, I am beginning a job as a writer for a suburban advertising-marketing firm. My new company bills itself as agency of innovation, and being the innovative sort myself, I’m excited about the opportunity.

I look forward to embracing this realm of the media industry. Particularly so, because in many ways, it’s my final frontier.

As I wrote back in May after my 15 seconds of fame on E! THS Investigates, I’ve now worked for newspapers, big and small, both in print and online. I’ve written sports, features and hard news. I’ve been a reporter, an editor and a columnist. I’ve done PR, been interviewed on TV (not only for E!, but a Polish television station, as well — long story), had my own radio segment and published a book.

Oh, and yeah, I also blog.

Once I get the hang of this advertising-marketing thing, I figure that when it comes to meida, I literally will have just about done it all.

Except for movies.

Still need to get one of those under my belt some day, I suppose.

Who knows, maybe if Mad Men ever goes to the big screen, I can be an extra.

In the meantime, I’ll keep my mid-morning Scotch and pack of unfiltered Camels handy.

Then again … maybe not.

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  1. It’s official.
    You were in operation Surge for American preservatives (oil) in Iraq with a journalist from U of Illinois your convoy. A road side bomb went off killing him instantly, burning him beyond recognition. You (now Dave) were a struggling farmer from Nebraska, decided to take his identity. You switched his dogtags with yours and never looked back.

    Years later, you find your self in the [marketing] advertising business, thinking back to that day as a turning point. You have a no wife and a score of girlfriends/one night stands because of your fear of commitment. The one girl that you loved in high school left you when you went to Iraq for a nerdy physics major from MIT. You can never be fulfilled emotionally or physically because you block out feelings.

    Don Draper.

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